My Paradise

Any place around the world could be your paradise, or an idyllic concept, a vivid atmosphere, a vintage world, a way of attracting angels into people’s lives, a timeless treasure, or feel lost in a different culture[ CGS Travel Magazine]

Cool Shopping

Tell a story of a cool shopper, a temptation, a fascination, a way of getting rid of loneliness, or a tale of Mama told me not do it, but I did it anyways!

Beach Club

Tell a story of a beach club, or a tale of joining fancy club, exciting life...

Things I Love

Your opinion on a person you love, or quality in a man, in a woman, value in a friend, in a public figure, or a tale of strip down and boogie for your lives, or a girl who needs to kick some ass and guns, and fist fights are all part of the gig.

Sign of Its Times

A nostalgia, fantasy, return of glory days, or a unending desire, a conflicted loyalty and a sensitive soul, a town that promises its citizens utopia at a terrible cost, or a world that enforces equality above all other considerations.

Be A Collector

Tell a story of being a collector, or a tale of adventure...

Treasure Seekers

Tell a story of a treasure seeker, or an adventure...

Hall of Fame

Leave a message for your friend, lover, family member, or reconnect with your friendship, joy and love, heal your homesick or emotional scar, express your loyalty or sensitive soul, embrace your self-identity, share your experience, fame and emotion.

Obsessed With

Tell a story of being obsessed with certain culture, tradition, lifestyle, people, history, place, or a cause.

No Reservations

Tell a story without reservations about certain lifestyle, local culture, people, place, regulars...

Western & Non-Western

Comment on anything about being influenced by Western or Non-Western culture, its pro and con...

Pleasure Zone

Tell a story about a sexual encounter, a twisting man, a shameless flirt, an overwhelming stirring of lust, or be held captive, be a love slave...

Wish My-Guy Would

Be someone who is noble enough not to peek in the girl’s locker room, or a man who makes sure his guests are free with a memorable thing after party, or a guy who can use a simple way of saying complicated things.

Get Star Look

A story of looking cool, or a tale of can’t keep your eyes open or legs closed to a man who excites you…

Dress Girl

If you like clothing and want to wear different types, or you like slick, sexy and rock-chick look, mix the romantic and boyish, or wear men’s wear, crush on new, three-piece suits...

Dressed to Kill

Give advice on how to dress cool, or a tale of self-acceptance, being an outcast, awkward teenager…

Bitch It Out

Tell a story or comment on showing your freaky, nasty and dirty side...

Dreams Captured

Turning a gentle beauty into a fighter, a lazy man a self-made master chef, a shy person a public figure, or an adult an oddly “teenage,” who has a passion for comic books, childhood games, cartoons, animals, neo-gothic architecture…

Las Vegas Style

Fast cars, yachts, luxury homes, or your freaky, nasty, dirty side, your love triangle, drunk on love, or drunk in every bar, left a trail of broken hearts, or a jet-set lifestyle, or a woman who has fallen for her friend’s soon-to be ex-husband.

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