Sports  Husband # ?

Husband # ?

You had a great romance, late failed and now you started searching husband. What to wear? Fashion dress, tight dress, like a sexy secretary? Or high heels? Gay men wear? Or avoid too sexy, fashionable, for impress husband #2, 3…?


carlos sunPosted 10 month Ago

Gwen realized that her boyfriend was f**king another young girl and she needed to face the cruel reality again. When she sat in front of a beauty counter, she hoped make-up artist do the magic work and transform her look. On Friday night, before leaving, she carried a full make-up bag, looked in mirror: amazing cheekbones, enlarged eyes, pouty mouth. “You’ll be prettier in other’s eyes,” she said to herself. Read next episode about Gwen and others. Can you put a “like”, a “cool” for me? Thanks.

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