Sports  Dedicated Exercisers

Dedicated Exercisers

About a real-life occurrence, a tired joke, an avid runner, a work-hard, play-hard, a sensation seeker: blow off stress, reduce anxiety…


carlos sunPosted 11 month Ago

Betsy didn’t hear from her boyfriend about meeting his parents. “It must be the picture online,” she thought. She’s obsessed by her pictures: ”Beautiful shot,” he said, looking at a picture with her breasts splayed out over the counter, which is now online. “Want dessert?” After eating she asked him. “No,” he said. She moved close, smiling, said: “What about me?” I was obsessed also: ”Colby said…” “Colby?” She turned around. “Google…” “Google?” Can you give me a “cool”, “like”? I'm restless.

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