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Something cool: a labyrinth chanting to angels, a surreal sense, a mistake or freak out, a new-Mom moment that embarrassed you,or watching famous people sweat,battle or get “humiliated”,a place where aliens come, a fancy bar, party, caring boss, pretty girl...


carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

my pet is my best friend

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Super AdminPosted 1 Year Ago

Judy is a new-mom and always has party in her house. She has learned how to cook: She combines different ingredients, food, meat, and make them into a delicious dish. She also gives tips: making a good sandwich, seafood salad, dessert, cupcake, add cooked spinach to pastas, scrambled eggs, or making most tender meatballs: just don’t pack it tightly. Are you a new-mom? Have a cool story? An embarrassed moment? Tips for parenting, cooking, raising kids, education, fun, career, family? Can U share?

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