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Current or past political issues in the U.S. or around the world, or a call for action, a cause worth fighting for, a sense of belonging, or get people involved politically, be honest about how they feel about things[ CGS Politics Magazine]


carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago


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carlos sunPosted 8 month Ago

Faith stayed with Dillon for a while, found he was, sometimes, glorifying his former girlfriend: being generous, authentic, shy but also replaced by rapturous giggles, and funny, flirty, and wearing fancy clothes. She thought she was also adorable; like going out, social, sharing, but seemed no match with her, which let her recall what she met him at the party: he and her neighbor both were obsessed with her and she picked him. Read next episode. Can you put a “like”, a “cool” for me? Thanks.

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