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Worth Any Price

Your steamy and passionate one-night stand, sweet memory, your proven wrinkle-fighting cream, which blend together to drench your skin with moisture as well as repair, or your gorgeous style for less…


carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

yes, it is

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carlos sunPosted 11 month Ago

Diana went out with León several times and felt had buying power: she bought an expensive ring that looked like a shooting star in the night sky! And antiques, jewelries, luxury handbags, coats, jackets, clothing, gifts. León, on the other side, worried about money, but he loved hot girl, even with high-maintenance! When he looked other woman’s breasts, she stopped him, saying: ”Look at me!” He was embarrassed. Read next episode about Diana and others! Can U put a “like”, a “cool” for me?

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