Life  Not Being Ashamed

Not Being Ashamed

A controversial decision, behavior, or defend your decisions even though people claiming you’re a liar; or wearing skyscraper heels, leather hot-pants, dressing like your Barbie; or not hide any: you like rich boys, shiny toys,new generation babes…


carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

Reading words in the midnight Doug thought his next move. While she was in foreign country he had suspicious, but could do nothing to stop it. Now she knew his foreign kid, lover, the money he owned and, maybe, his balls swung over her head in the spa, which caused ill fate for him. But he was uncommitted, his former lover called him a cocky jerk, who had delusions. Read next episodes of the serie about Doug, Betsy, Sophie, etc.; don’t forget your “like”, “cool”! I, Colby, Google, we're waiting

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