Life  Mental Jigsaw

Mental Jigsaw

You worry about calories at lunchtime, attacks by others while walking the way of how you want to live, the habits you’re trying to erase, your toxic friendship, or your believe: better the devil you know than the unrecognizable one you don’t...


carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

David regret not paying attention to his former girlfriend’s beautiful body and dance movements until she left him. When asked about her, he just said: “She’s gone.” He waited his second chance, no sex for years! Now he’ll meet a girl he met online, who wants a guy ready for everything, but fixing his problems. Who’s his new girlfriend? Read next episode of the serial. Can U put a “like”, “cool” for me? I work hard to let U enjoy reading stories about Judy, Dillon, Betsy, Sophie, and other’s.

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