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A charming imperfection: a fun bun, a cool-girl top knot, a silhouette, an important styling tool, an imperfection that makes it charming, a story of new styles that are jumping with joie de vivre, or challenges that a woman faces.


carlos sunPosted 3 month Ago

Gwen went out with different men, each time she liked a man, that man became her kid’s father. Now she had three kids and a lover. Dealing with lover was easy: just giving him food, he worked well on bed, but with kids? A challenge! Now she had another dilemma: no sex. Her suspicion was he f**king someone else. But she had experienced all: cheating spouse, cruel treatment, bullying moment. Read next episode about Gwen, her lover, and others. I work hard, can U put a “like”, a “cool” for me?

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