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The Gaze of Others

It can be others that watch you walking down the beach, swimming, eating, and you felt the pleasure you could get that kind of attention, for revealing your character, your missing part of yourself, or your feeling: Others watching you come and go…


carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

every one likes the gaze of others

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Super AdminPosted 1 Year Ago

Carina está cansada de juzgar a uno por su apariencia porque a ella le gusta vestirse femenino y otros no le tratan seriamente. Ahora ella cambia su táctica y empieza a vestirse como un muchacho, llevando ropas grandes, pantalones largos y se siente poderosa, tan como ella puede comer un almuerzo grande! Usted tiene misma experiencia? Le gusta la atención de otros? Le gusta la tentación? Has sentido placer al mirarte? Cuáles son tus partes reveladas por la mirada de otros? Podría compartir?

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carlos sunPosted 8 month Ago

Yesenia felt liberating when she was single and alone, she even went a foreign country solo, where she experienced its highs and lows: her embarrassment of asking for a table for one, her weird feeling of ordering a drink alone in a bar. When she started to make friends she met Ron, nutritionist and boyfriend of Kathryn, but both of them were not shy, they had breakfast together and even went to vintage shopping. Read next episodes about Yesenia and others. Can U put a “like”, a “cool” for me?

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