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Super AdminPosted 1 Year Ago

Benita trabajaba en una industria donde juventud era dinero. También deseaba tener un hombre porque no quería despertarse sola cada día. Un día consigo a su hombre, pero al regresar de una fiesta su hombre ya le dio patadas. Ella decidió tener cirugía de belleza para encontrar a un hombre mejor. Después de esa miraba a sí misma, parecía aun peor y empezó a llorar. Usted trabaja en una industria de moda, belleza? Sabe cómo tratar de grasa, vientre, trasero? O le gusta bailar, yoga? Compártanos

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carlos sunPosted 8 month Ago

After Betsy had an intimacy with Jeff, she thought both Joe and Jeff. “Our girl will like you, beautiful and smart.” Jeff said. She was also excited about possible travel with Jeff: “Going mountain? By the sea?” She felt like a strange person and wanted her friend to kiss her, felt people saw her as an awkward creature, and if she was stopped by a guy, she would let him kiss her, grab her tits, and thus felt she was not so awkward. Read next episode of the serial. Give me a “like”, a “cool”?

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