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Most people have a story to tell and it keeps going later on. If your story is when you were young, ambitious, beautiful… in the army, school, company, or you believe that history is something that happens while you’re living your life.


carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

Everyone is a product of the time when you consider each one's background such as coming from a small town, big city, rich family, single parent, and later becomes a person with character, or some kind of personality. When you hear someone said he/she lived in a place where didn't have a lot to offer and this became an important lesson that person learned and therefor worked very hard to change his/her life, so that person is the product of his/her life, experience, condition, of that time, year

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carlos sunPosted 8 month Ago

Carmen encontró a John y le gustó su personalidad. Pero su momento divertido fue interrumpido por Tracy, su novia, lo que le hizo difícil de ir allí a menudo. Así le hizo a su amante, un macho hombre, a pagar la pérdida. Ahora ella era una super-compradora: al pensar él algo que era muy caro y nunca iba a pagar ese precio, le gustó eso; al preocupar por sus gastos, a ella le gustó gastar más y pensó lo más costoso, mejor. Lea próximos episodios de serie. Podría darme un “me gusta”? Gracias.

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