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Is Prada built to show off the body? Armani, classic, seductive, power? Or styling is the man’s version of Botox, or people in L.A., their bodies, people in NY, their work, or why dressing well is a matter of calculated risks…


carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

our society is getting more and more sexy and some people even think the more sexy, the better because not just kind of sexiness is accepted by most people, also become powerful, just watch those girls selling products in real life or on TV, don't like see more and more sexy girls around your life?

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carlos sunPosted 8 month Ago

Carmen met John and liked his personality. But her fun moment was interrupted by Tracy, which made her go there again difficult. So she made her guy, a macho man, to pay the price, she became a super-buyer: when he thought somethings were ridiculously expensive and he would never pay for that, she wanted that; when he worried about his spending limit, she bought the top-end products and thought the more expensive, better. Read next episode about Carmen and other stories. Can U put a “like”?

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