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You have made the right decision, or you looked in the mirror and hated yourself: Your hair, nose, teeth, face, etc. and now gratitude has replaced sadness: Standing in front of the mirror, you know that you’re kind, loved and lovable, you’re OK.


carlos sunPosted 10 month Ago

it's very true when you were young because at that age many people only look at other's appearance, that's the only thing that counts; I hear people said they don't want to be in the picture because they think they're not pretty, attractive, or are from another culture; but if you think beauty surgery is ok and can fix your problem, it's also perfect ok because our society is an advanced one and accepts it.

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carlos sunPosted 3 month Ago

Después de haber una intimidad sorpresa Betsy empezó a pensar a los dos: Joe, su novio, y Jeff, su fotógrafo. “Nuestra hija debería ser muy bonita y elegante,” dijo Joe una vez, y “Sería muy interesante ir a la montaña o al lado de mar?” preguntó a sí misma al pensar de Jeff. "Además podría tomar muchas fotos! " A veces sintió sola y extraña como si le gustaría besar por un desconocido, dejarle agarrar sus tetas, para despedir el sentido extraño. Lea próximos episodios y deme un “me gusta”?

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