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Tell a story about an emerald obsession, a rich, velvety froth, a grassy hue, a wonder ingredient, which could help with skin health, metabolism...


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Dillon knew that his success was because of his power of telling a story with details. He thought that his divine was in the abstract, the unpredictable, and the unsayable. With Faith, he enjoyed the story that both he and her neighbor were obsessed with her, but he triumphed, and they had sex in her place, making noise, and she said: “Whenever you want sex, I damn well please.” He may write about it, the devil and details, sharing with Juan. Read next episode. Can you put a “like” for me? Thxs.

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carlos sunPosted 8 month Ago

潘婷的朋友马裴是个见到不错的东西就想买的人.之后她又很快觉得那东西不太理想,于是随处乱扔,这使她的男友感到无奈.除此之外她也是个到处吹嘘她是如何第一次同男友出去谈恋爱就同他一起睡觉了,这样她总是说:”那些所谓的恋爱和婚姻咨询公司是专门让傻子去上当的.看看我,第一次同男友外出就在一起睡觉了,这不行?是不明智的?我们不是直到现在还好好的么?”她这么叫嚷了一阵,倒让人觉得似乎她说的也有道理.难道谈恋爱就得一个模式?谈好几年才弄出个结果?于是她成了一些人的榜样.但她这个榜样到了如今却遇到了问题.这是关于她的男友闵锋和她的好朋友潘婷的事.自从潘婷离开了她的男友丁伦,她总是同以前一些相好的朋友在一起,这自然也同闵锋接近了.当她意识到她同他的接近到了让她吃醋的时候,那已经有点晚了.那时闵锋已经不时给潘婷送些小礼物,诸如一个包包,一块手表,或一瓶好酒,这使正在失恋中的潘婷感到意外兴奋.那些小礼物不仅实用,也恰好达到了她的期望:有人来关心她,给她点安慰,温暖的气息.有时她收到了小礼物甚至感动得掉下了眼泪.我的网友,你说潘婷和闵锋能产生火花?她能重拾旧爱吗? 给我个赞字,好吗?谢谢.

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