Urban Labyrinth

Tell a story about the classicists, the mavericks, or a ceaseless dance of opposing forces, or the way to survive, work with the idea of classicism, elaborate on the existing rich culture with a fresh bent and play a significant role [CGS Morning News]

Body-Image Culture

The new environment changed your eating, living and body image. You want to hear “You’re so thin!”, or chase stringent meals, cardio workouts, get more attention, feel more successful like a soldier in the skinny army rather than an intruder.

Kind of Sexiness

Is Prada built to show off the body? Armani, classic, seductive, power? Or styling is the man’s version of Botox, or people in L.A., their bodies, people in NY, their work, or why dressing well is a matter of calculated risks…

Product of the Time

Most people have a story to tell and it keeps going later on. If your story is when you were young, ambitious, beautiful… in the army, school, company, or you believe that history is something that happens while you’re living your life.

Windswept Setting

Discover a paradise, where have surfers, fishermen, models, off-duty media titans, art-world impresarios; or a British-Australian-American hybrid, a sense of being at the end of the world, that captures the character, color, charisma…

One Night Affairs

Your crush on someone, secret lover, a wash-and-go look girl, a laid-back guy, who is always facing some sort of romantic dilemma, having trouble earning a living, or a tale of struggling to find a way out of your one night of affair.

The Imperfections

A charming imperfection: a fun bun, a cool-girl top knot, a silhouette, an important styling tool, an imperfection that makes it charming, a story of new styles that are jumping with joie de vivre, or challenges that a woman faces.

Romantic Values

Chat about art, music, literature, architecture, friends, family, your loved ones, myths…, or anything that could nourish for the mind and the soul, the virtues of honor, fidelity, truthfulness, courage, fortitude…

Shared Passion

If you grew up in a small town, where you were happy taking family walks, pottering around the garden, checking to see if your hen had laid any eggs, respecting for nature, loving animals, and want your sons to have a childhood like you.

The Gaze of Others

It can be others that watch you walking down the beach, swimming, eating, and you felt the pleasure you could get that kind of attention, for revealing your character, your missing part of yourself, or your feeling: Others watching you come and go…

A Naked Lie

If you turned 40, but you told others: “It’s my 30th birthday,” and you believe there are plenty of people at this age look actually like at their 30th, it’s a naked lie, but you can explain it, prove it, style it out, and maintain it.

De-Stress Strategies

Tell a story of suffering from stress and related problems, keeping life in balance; or a friend who’s flying the flag for women just enjoying food: a veal chop, a French chocolate with salted caramel and marshmallows…

Feel-Good Effects

If you believe drinking alcohol can sooth your worries, exercising produces intense sensations, blows off stress...

Go Figure!

If you want to try something unique, local, untraditional, that others might think is crazy, but there might be many benefits, such as eating grasshoppers: their crunchy feeling, vitamin C, antioxidants…

Going Green

Tell a story about an emerald obsession, a rich, velvety froth, a grassy hue, a wonder ingredient, which could help with skin health, metabolism...

Shape-Up Shortcuts

Tell a story of how to melt fat, tone muscle, shrink belly, sculpt butt...

I’m OK

You have made the right decision, or you looked in the mirror and hated yourself: Your hair, nose, teeth, face, etc. and now gratitude has replaced sadness: Standing in front of the mirror, you know that you’re kind, loved and lovable, you’re OK.

Our Mysticism

Tell a story about an existential philosophy, an odd community, a unique sense of history, arts, culture, people...

Exotic Cultures

Explosion of color, intense mugginess, omnipresent chaos, tyrannical and paternalistic ways; or an extended family you have inherited: You don’t want to be the only different person in the room, or feel comfortable seeing another same race.

Life Is Short

You find yourself drawn to someone; or having a possessive instinct that you belong to someone, or have a urgent need, need to accomplish something, or are blamed for your scandalous ways on your troubled past, or there is another life after this one.

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