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Learn How to Win

How to win a business, a deal, a journey, a cause for yourself, your company, your organization, or a person risking limb and skin to get the answers, a high-minded satire of the moneyed class [CGS Evening News & CGS Globalization Magazine]


carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

Many people may know someone who wanted to realize his/her dream, went to interview, to meet other people, to sell themselves; or they had to spend train fare, to stay in hotel, to eat on the road; or they may come out at a financial loss, but they also learn something: learn how to win...

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carlos sunPosted 9 month Ago

Jeff had a surprising intimacy with Betsy last time after taking pictures for her, which made him dreamed more: “Traveling with her? Going mountain? Or share more time with her?” Soon he showed her more pictures about top chef, model, artist, pretty girl, and one picture capturing a lady drinking champagne. “Smart, sexy, seductive,” she said. “Beautiful shot,” she approved. He smiled also. Read next episode of the serial. I work hard for you, give me a “like”, a “cool”, a “love it”? Thanks.

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