Education  What It Feels Like

What It Feels Like

Tell a character with vulnerability, a woman who didn’t just look pretty and fall in love with the hero, who kicks butt, or a girl-on-girl hookup, an embarrassed behavior, a mission accomplished, or a want to be a real-life gay.


carlos sunPosted 6 month Ago

Year ago met an friend. After dinner, chattering, we returned my place. But somehow I asked him: "Where do you stay tonight?" He smiled and said: "Here." "Here?" I was surprised, but still polite. "Yes," he was serious. "But," I pointed the room, "there is only one bed." "I can sleep on floor," he smiled. I looked at him, recalling the words he said in restaurant, that he had dated women, men, old, young, and experienced all. I suddenly became firm, said: "No, you can't stay here tonight."

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