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What It Feels Like

Tell a character with vulnerability, a woman who didn’t just look pretty and fall in love with the hero, who kicks butt, or a girl-on-girl hookup, an embarrassed behavior, a mission accomplished, or a want to be a real-life gay.


carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

Year ago met an friend. After dinner, chattering, we returned my place. But somehow I asked him: "Where do you stay tonight?" He smiled and said: "Here." "Here?" I was surprised, but still polite. "Yes," he was serious. "But," I pointed the room, "there is only one bed." "I can sleep on floor," he smiled. I looked at him, recalling the words he said in restaurant, that he had dated women, men, old, young, and experienced all. I suddenly became firm, said: "No, you can't stay here tonight."

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carlos sunPosted 8 month Ago

El novio de Kathryn viajó mucho, así ella decidió divertirse un poco. Un día fue a un concierto. Otro día a un museo, a una galería, y sintió un poco increíble. “Por qué es tan grande esa pintura?” Preguntó a sí misma mirando la pintura. Al regrasar a casa pensó otra vez: “Por qué la gente todavía escuchar la músuca clásica? Por qué la gente continua escribir poema?” Ojalá que su novio Ron pudiera estar allí con ella. Lea próximo episodio de Kathryn y Ron. Podría darme un “me gusta”?

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