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Pushing Boundaries

Immorality, sexuality, shock factor, provocative attire, or a girl with gap-toothed smile, wobbly runway walk, and driving a Bentley convertible, a person famous for the controversy, a psychotic bloodsucker, a punk hedonist, an existential ghost…


Super AdminPosted 1 Year Ago

Nancy was smart but also made mistakes. When her skin got sun-starved, with make-up she was still coquettish. When she saw a girl sipping, left lip marks on her glass, she thought it was uncool. When she found funny stuff in a book, she told her friends from book club: “I wish my brain would work that way.” When her friends pressured her to settle down, she said: “Wait a second, let me use my brain.” Do you have a funny story? A provocative attire? A controversy behavior? Shock? Can you share?

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carlos sunPosted 8 month Ago


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