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My Instincts

If you feel someone lacked decency, respect, put down others, backstab, or in order to be your friend, co-worker, employee…, one needs to be polite, nice, not making anyone uncomfortable…


carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

your instinct is the most important thing to deal with the daily life

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carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

Fabian realizó haber actuado demasiado, debido a la atracción a su sexy cuerpo. Él parecía no pensar nada al actuar, solo enterraba su cabeza en su pecho! A Sophie todavía le gustó él, éste sintió horrible, temió ruinar su carrera, y le pidió a darle otra oportunidad. Al aceptar un papel nuevo él actuó como un actor veterano: al escuchar “Acción”, él como un genio, al escuchar “Alto”, un tranquilo muchacho. Rea más episodio sobre Sophie y Fabian. Trabajo muy duro, podría darme un “me gusta”?

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carlos sunPosted 7 month Ago

Joe focused on his business: a product that only needed the right people fascinated by his story, for his product was not like roses, or a girl on a beach. He had an artistic sophistication: he speaking a cultivated voice, his product, a spontaneous vigor. At the beginning he was not serious, he just thought: “See what happens,” but his work speaking to his mind. He missed Betsy and did not know how to deal with his mother. Read next episode about Joe and Betsy. Can you put a “Like” for me?

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