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Demons & Girls

Tell a story of demons and girls, embracing crazy “evil”, or a kidnapping conspiracy, you get caught up in a bizarre situation, you feel others plan to destroy your name, reputation, family, relationship with your lover…


carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

Andrés tenía muchas citas antes y prefería una relación rápida: comer en restaurante, mirar televisión, hacer amor, comer helado, hacer amor otra vez; a veces él estaba seducida por la apariencia de una chica sexy, por sus labios, sus piernas, y empezó a hacer amor. Ahora él se hace listo y quiere encontrar a una muchacha duradera. A usted le gusta embrazar loco? Tiene una relación bizarre? Un amante extraño? Una seducción? O encuentra a un demonio,una loca? O atrapado en algo? O da consejos?

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carlos sunPosted 8 month Ago

Kathryn’s boyfriend Ron traveled a lot, so she started to have her own fun. One day she went a concert and enjoyed her life. The other day she visited a museum, an art gallery, and was mystified by some basic questions: “What’s so great about that painting? “ She gazed at the painting, asked herself. “Why people like classic music? “ On the way home, she further raised question. “Why people still write poem?” She wished Ron get her answers. Read next episode. Can you put a “like” for me? Thanks

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