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I’m Ready

If you’re a successful professional, artist, etc., yet still single, tell a story of your funny, playful and sweet part, or you think you’re entering a grown-up phase of your personality and ready for another romance…


Super AdminPosted 1 Year Ago

you feel something missing and want to get back your life because you have so may things you love and want to share with your family members, or future kids, etc.

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carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

Last time John walked back naked on a beach, he felt he was an idiot: his clothes were stolen! But he found another way to be famous: he’s a skillful bar-tender, he uses tomato juice, vodka, some add-ins to make cocktail drink, together with steamed oysters, boiled shrimp, and people come to the bar because of him! I'm proud of telling a story about John! Could you give me a “like it”, “cool”? I appreciate your feedback, so do Colby, Google. Can you be generous to say: "Go Carlos!" "Go John"

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