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carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

Jeff took some pictures for Betsy last time and had a surprising intimacy with her on bed. Now he dreamed more life moments with her: “In desert, on the top of a mountain, where could pick cloud, in a restaurant by sea, where could see a huge moon, sea’s black mirror, and feel dinner not expensive at all? He thought and not worried about costs at all! Read next episode about Jeff, Betsy, make all episodes your serial. I work hard for you, can you put a “like”, a “cool”, a “love it” for me?

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carlos sunPosted 7 month Ago

Dillon was happy with Faith for a while because he believed in unpredictable, unsayable and triumph, and she let him realized it. But he also found she complained about others having better life, having money for fancy stuff, she never had a great party, didn’t get enough help from her parents, which made him think she was a whiny girl, who didn’t understand there were many people in the world didn’t have anything. Read next episode about Dillon, Faith and others. Can you put a “like” for me?

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