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Redefining Beauty

How to fit into modern lifestyle, translate into our needs, find the right balance between beautiful sculptural shapes and comfortable, practical feeling…


carlos sunPosted 1 Year Ago

Jeff tomó unas fotos para Betsy la vez anterior y tuvo una intimidad sorpresa con ella en la cama. Ahora soñó más experimentar momentos de vida con ella: “En un desierto, sobre una montaña, donde podrían coger nubes? En un restaurante al lado de mar, donde podrían ver una luna gigante, un espejo de mar negro?” Siento no costoso cenar allí aunque fuera muy cara por ya no preocuparse nada de dinero. Lea próximos episodios de serie. Trabajo duro para usted, deme un “me gusta”, un “cool”? Gracias.

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carlos sunPosted 7 month Ago


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carlos sunPosted 7 month Ago

Betsy remembered the wishes she and Joe made: his wish was promotion and her being sexy and young. But his friend said their wishes would be granted: he got promotion, his girlfriend went to a party, drinking champagne, and her heart was stolen by a man. They both laughed. Now she felt a little strange and even had a dream: in a party she ran away with a guest. But, which guest? Jeff? Again she laughed. “He’s missing me too?” She asked herself. Read next episode of the serial. Put a "like"?

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