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Born Loser

Feel wonderful toward something so wrong, foolishly fell in love with a person who teased you, flirty e-mails, late-night drinks, bad-mouth, a family with ugly characters, who might be suing others, or the-little-man’s revenge.


Super AdminPosted 1 Year Ago

You joked about your friend for no sexual experience, joked about others for their spiritual stuff. But you have unvarnished lust, sex-obsessed, grapple with sex all the time! Now you want to make money: you go to gamble, bet all your money on cards and you lost. You felt awful, told your friend, and he said: You should give money to your mother, who cares of you, but to cards, do they care? Are you a bad-mouth? Sex addicted? Did stupid thing and regret? Feel good toward wrong? Tease, flirt?

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carlos sunPosted 7 month Ago

David learned that Joan used to be happy with her simple life, her cheap birthday party, but she suddenly found another world: material consumption, luxury party, fancy dress, handbag, ocean-view vacation home, and she wanted all. While she felt depressive and had a symptom of anxiety he turned to his inner-world, even missing more his former girlfriend: “She’s gone.” He said again to himself. Read next episode about Joan, David and his former girlfriend. Can you put a “like” for me? Thanks.

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