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Stepping Stone 1

If you at the beginning just used certain job or incident as a stepping stone, or when you were hired ...

Husband # ? 1

You had a great romance, late failed and now you started searching husband. What to wear? Fashion dress, tight dress, ...

My Rules of Life 1

You have to out-smart and out-maneuver, or play a different role in your life, that promises passion, ecstasy and scandal, ...

Missed Last Bus 2

You missed your chance of impressing your crush: Buying her the perfect gifts, saying all the right things, satisfying your ...

Humor & Funny 1

Tell a story about humor, funny, and goofy stuff, or a player thinks about sex in a game, a job ...

Confidence-Boosters 1

If you want to have a good mood, or a person who feels glamorous, or tries to wear his/her favorite ...

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Confidence-Boosters 1

By : Super Admin

If you want to have a good mood, or a person who ...

Live Out Loud 1

By : Super Admin

About kiss and tell, wicked seduction, sex, lies and dating, pleasure for ...

No Smoke Without Fire 1

By : Super Admin

Comment on suspicious policy, manipulated event, tarnished image, scandals, skepticism, cynicism…

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