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    To obtain an instance of the current HTTP request via dependency injection, you should type-hint the Illuminate\Http\Request class on your controller ...
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Suicidal Thing 1

Tell a story of a well-paid professional, an artist, etc. with several kids, a young talent with energy and time ...

Build Character 2

Middle school is where one can build his/her character, can make him/her stronger, even though people were mean to each ...

Find Purpose 1

If you played different roles in your life: a surfer, an eco-warrior, an educator, etc. and still have project to ...

My Instincts 2

If you feel someone lacked decency, respect, put down others, backstab, or in order to be your friend, co-worker, employee…, ...

My Worst Enemy 1

Your lover grew more distant, sex life evaporated, slipping away to make calls, whispering endearments, or your enemy stole your ...

Emotions Revealed 1

Tell a story about emotions revealed, or how to control your emotions, desires...

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Emotions Revealed 1

By : Super Admin

Tell a story about emotions revealed, or how to control your emotions, ...

Seduced by Destiny 1

By : Super Admin

An enigma, a bewitching mystery, a heat simmering between you and your ...

Pushing Boundaries 1

By : Super Admin

Immorality, sexuality, shock factor, provocative attire, or a girl with gap-toothed smile, ...

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