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Posted 1 Year Ago,  By Super Admin
-top main pages names: Home change to 首页, Tech to 科技, fifth main page Travel to 旅游, eighth main page Career to 职业, ninth Publications to 出版, last main page Globalization to 地球村 (those same changed Chinese words also found between two ads/above the main page’s topics, in comment pages top left part that list all topics of each main page, and need to be replaced

-Arts: in comment page, when click top left Arts (艺术), it list all topics in Arts main page, the forth and fifth are the same都市艺术 (Urban Art), but the fifth topic should be 当代享受 (Modern Luxury)

-Sports: in comment page, when click top left Sports (体育), it list all topics in Sports main page, the eighth “Let’s Dance” should be舞中其乐 (Let’s Dance)


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